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Vlad Oboronko

THREE PIECES: author of the concept, producer, creative director, interviewer, video editor

Manager and producer of Namgar Lkhasaranova

Earlier projects:

Author of the concept and coproducer of Namgar’s album The Dawn of the Foremothers (recorded in October 2012, not released yet).

Author of the concept and coproducer of Huun Huur Tu’s album “Ancestors Call” (World Village, 2010).

Author of the concept and producer of Ancient Shamanic Rock: Huun Huur Tu at Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, California) (GreenWave, 2010)

Author of the concept and coproducer of Children of the Otter, a renowned Russian composer Vladimir Martynov’s 70-minute long Eurasian suite for Huun Huur Tu, string orchestra Opus Posth., and youth choir Mlada (GreenWave, 2010)

Author of the concept and executive coproducer of Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo’s Eternal (GreenWave/Electrofone, 2009)

Author of the concept and coproducer of Been Away for a While: Huun Huur Tu in Tuva DVD (GreenWave, 2007)

Three Pieces: How It Began

Vlad: I’ve always loved music passionately and I’m very grateful to Sasha Cheparukhin for giving me an opportunity to work  – as a manager and a producer – with one of the amazing bands on Earth,  Tuvan quartet Huun Huur Tu. I’ve always loved music and always loved to talk about it, so I enjoyed discussing music with Sayan Bapa of Huun Huur Tu, consumate musician who understand music very deeply and loves talking about it.

Sayan and I would talk for hours and hours on long drives on Huun Huur Tu tours in US and Canada. I am sure that the idea of musicians sharing their love and understanding of music with the public had roots in those extensive conversations with Sayan and immense pleasure I’d experience while picking his musical brain. Whenever I talked to other musicians about their favorite music, I would enjoy their views and understanding of music very much.

So it was only a matter of time that the idea of Three Pieces came on to me: let’s do the project in which musicians share their love for and understanding of music with everyone else. Let’s make video, edit it as separate “pieces” and put them online for everyone to see. It’s that simple, yes!

I bought a cheap video camera, Zoom recorder, started doing interviews at Sasha’s festivals in Russia, learned basics of video editing, made a web site, and the project started. And the participants have been amazing: they were sharing their favorite music with us and it was such a blast to see them – every single time – enjoying doing that!

It’s June 2013 now, a year and a half later since the web site has been launched, and the project is still very much DIY, but I have huge plans for it. I want it to become an encyclopedia – some sort of Wikipedia – of modern understanding of music. I want Three Pieces to both help people to have a chance of hearing music with musicians’ ears, but also to contribute towards development of shared language of approaching and understanding music.

I know what I need: a team of people doing interviews and editing pieces on a regular basis. I need a steady support for the project: to cover its costs, pay people to travel and work. I’m working on it :).

Thank you!

I am very grateful to people who have been supporting the project from the very beginning and helping to launch it:

Sasha Cheparukhin: enough said.

Anton Batagov – friend, brilliant composer and astounding pianist. He LOVED the project’s idea from the very beginning and, which is immensely important and supportive, he was the first to agree to be interviewed for Three Pieces – when not a single “pieces” existed yet.

Anton: thank you for the risk you took – I am happy that you still love the project! Here’s Anton’s web site, with his music, music performed by him. And here’s Anton’s Three Pieces page.

Anya Rozhdestvenskaya a.k.a. Anya Roz – friend, extremely talented photographer and artist – she has been one of the pivotal figures in the project with most interviews shot by her with her professional camera (whenever you see bad quality footage, it’s my cheap camera, good footage – Anya’s)

Anechka, you’re one of the most important and most closely involved people in the project – thank you! Here’s Anya’s professional web site (with great pictures!)

Sergey Voronin, friend, multitalented artist, who run the camera on the very first interview with Anton Batagov.

Olesya Buryachenko, friend, brilliant documentary film-maker – she has spent hours and hours and hours of her time criticizing my editing and, which is even more important, suggesting how I can make it better. My gratitude to her has no bounds. :) Here’s a youtube link with my absolutely favorite movie of hers, After Bach, that features four Russian most talented contemporary composers, Anton Batagov, and Vladimir Martynov being two of the four.


Sasha Cheparukhin

More info coming soon

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