Anton Batagov (New York, Moscow)

Anton Batagov’s music for Kultura TV Channel

“beyond human understanding…”: Sviatoslav Richter in Moscow, 1985

New York-based Russian composer and pianist Anton Batagov employs in his work the post-minimalist language rooted in the harmonic and rhythmic patterns of Russian church bells and folk songs seamlessly mixed with the spirit of Buddhist philosophy, the dynamic pulse of early Soviet avant-garde, and the unfading appeal of rock music. His compositions feature a unique sense of large-scale architecture and textured emotionalism.

A graduate of Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Conservatory and prize-winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition (1986) and other competitions, Batagov introduced the music of Cage, Feldman, Reich, and Glass to Russian audiences.

The well-known American musicologist Richard Kostelanetz characterized Batagov’s 1993 piano recording of Bach’s “The Art of the Fugue” as “the most stunning interpretation of Bach since Glenn Gould.”


“embracing the Universe”: Yes in Moscow, 2001
                              Anton Batagov’s web site  

“impression you can only dream of”: John Cage’s last radio appearance

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    Антон, привет!
    Только что прослушала твой interview about Richter, и хочу тебя спросить , неужели ты действительно считаешь его великим музыкантом и пианистом??!!

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