Benoit Bourque (Quebec, Canada)

click here for more Benoit’s photos from the “three pieces” session

I still have goosebumps when I listen to it… [It] is a Quebec heart”

A versatile artist overflowing with energy and joy of life, Quebec-based Canadian musician, dancer, and singer Benoit Bourque has been in love with dancing and music since he was a boy. Over the years he has been singing, playing, dancing, and touring with a number of Canadian folk collectives; lately he has been a frontman of one of the most famous Canadian bands, La Bottine Souriante (see a clip below)

Benoit is the recipient of multiple awards including four Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy).


“you felt that she sang directly for you…”

La Bottine Souriante : La Danse à Saint-Dilon (Montreal, 2009)

“… but, this tune from the Bothy Band was, like,  PURE LOVE…”

  1. Three Pieces - Benoit Bourque 2.19.12 / 8pm

    […] énorme merci à Vlad Oboronko du site Three Pieces pour l’entrevue récemment filmée alors que j’étais de passage à New York avec La Bottine Souriante.  Je dois admettre […]

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