David Jones


 Emile Holba                                Photo by Emile Holba

“I’ve held this sense of theater and music ever since I took part in
Noye’s Fludde [as a kid] – an hour of ritual performance with wit,
and humor, and style. A great piece of music!”
Piece 1: Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde

David Jones is a director of Serious agency and the London Jazz Festival. Serious is a creative producer of live jazz, international, and new music. Responsible for a wide range of concerts and special events, the company works with artists, venues and festivals in Britain and internationally.

David has a particular interest in working with artists to develop events that explore international and cross-media ideas. He produced the BT River of Music programme for the Olympic Games in London in 2012, and has been working with Central Asian music with the Aga Khan Music Initiative...


“I think one of the things that perhaps Brian has never been fully
recognized for is that he’s a miniaturist. [His work taught me
as to] concentrate on music rather than to assume somehow that
duration leads to excellence””
Piece 2: Brian Eno’s I’ll Come Running

BT River of Music – Participatory Projects Teaser

“… I know this piece, I know where it’s gonna get me – and every
single time it catches me viscerally, and it does something really
exciting that I can never grow tired of”
Piece 3: Clint Mansell’s Death is the Road to Awe

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