John Schaefer (New York)


 Schaefer page                                 Photo by Anya Roz

“It was the multiple levels that this song works on that made it
so important to me .”
Piece 1: David Bowie: Heroes

One of the most influential radio music hosts in the USA, John Schaefer has hosted WNYC’s Soundcheck since the show’s inception in 2002. He has also hosted and produced WNYC’s radio series New Sounds since 1982 (“The No. 1 radio show for the Global Village” –Billboard) and the New Sounds Live concert series since 1986.

In 2003, Schaefer was honored with the American Music Center’s prestigious Letter of Distinction for his “substantial contributions to advancing the field of contemporary American music in the United States and abroad.” In May 2006, New York magazine cited Schaefer as one of “the people whose ideas, power, and sheer will are changing New York” in its Influentials issue.


“This piece seems to contain… not a world, but worlds –
plural – within it…”
Piece 2: J.S. Bach: Chaconne

Excerpt from “JS 30: Three Decades of John Schaefer”, tribute
to 30 years of John Schaefer’s music hosting at WNYC

“After everything you’ve been through – you’re somehow home.”
Piece 3: Philip Glass: Knee Play 5 (Finale of Einstein on the Beach)

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