Vladimir Martynov (Moscow, Russia)

Children of the Otter by Martynov (fragments)

Glenn Gould in Moscow, 1957

Vladimir Martynov is a renowned Russian composer, philosopher, writer, ethnomusicologist, historian and theoretician of music. Known for his work in the Concerto, Orchestral Music, Chamber Music and Choral Music genres, Martynov has experimented with rock and electronica, worked with avant-garde, minimalism, and “New Simplicity” music. His work has been performed around the world.

Among his latest works is Children of the Otter, a composition for a Tuvan throat-singing band Huun Huur Tu, a post-modern string orchestra Opus Posth., and a choir Mlada.

Most recent 2011 release by Kronos Quartet – Music of Vladimir Martynov –  contains three works written or rescored by the composer for Kronos.


Monk and Modern Jazz Quartet

“Robert Fripp was and is the greatest”

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