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peter hammill

“And, simply, the music itself is sublime, and places you very close to
the spirit in which [William Byrd] was writing. Absolutely fantastic work.”
Piece 1: William Byrd’s Three Masses

Peter Hammill is an English singer-songwriter, and a founding member of the progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. Most noted for his vocal abilities, his main instruments are guitar and piano. He also acts as a record producer for his own recordings, and occasionally for other artists.

A regular output of new recordings is supported by an ongoing series of concert appearances around the world, as well as numerous collaborations with a bewildering variety of artists — Roger Eno, Peter Gabriel, and Robert Fripp are just three of dozens. Hammill has also composed ballet music, and the operatic work, The Fall of the House of Usher (based on the Edgar Allan Poe story).

“Piazzolla reclaimed [tango] in such a way that it could go out
and suddenly be regarded as much more serious music”
Astor Piazolla’s Milonga del Ángel

 Van der Graaf Generator: Refugees. Live, 2005

“I think the ripples from this [song] actually went out
to almost any other form of music as well”
Piece 3: The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows

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