Wade Schuman (NYC)

                                  Photo by Anya Roz

“He’s saying: I can take this music and I can make you want to cry.”
(Piece 1: Otis Redding’s Mary Had a Little Lamb)

New York-based artist, teacher, and musician, Wade Schuman is a co-founder and frontman of Hazmat Modine, a blues/roots/world group from New York.
The band’s first album, Bahamut (2007), was nominated for the BBC Radio 3 world music award, and reached #12 on Billboard’s “Top Blues Albums” chart.
Their recent album, Cicada (2011) reached number one on the World Music Charts in Europe and was voted number 2 for all of 2011. it also received the Charles Cros Grand Prize for Best Blues Record in 2011 and includes collaborations with the Gangbe Brass Band from Benin, Kronos Quartet, and Natalie Merchant. The Song Bahamut is currently featured in Wim Wenders film “Pina”.

“this is moving, because it’s the experience most of us had”
(Piece 2: Richard “Rabbit” Brown’s James Alley Blues)

Hazmat Modine: Cicada

“Every time I feel sad, I put this CD on, it just makes me feel so good”
(Piece 3: Abdel Gadir Salim’s Alhagi)

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