Photo by Anya Roz

“I would regularly drop [guitars, harmonicas]into a chamber pot,
a toilet bowl, would play them again – so, the punk had started
back then already” “
Piece 1: Childhood Music

Zgeka (aka Eugene Hütz aka Zgeka Hutz-Nikolaev) is a frontman and founder of Gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello, band famous for its fiery mix of Gypsy music, punk, and dub.

Formed by Zgeka in 1999 in Lower East Manhattan, the band attained a international prominence and huge following all around the world due to its supercharged histrionics, virtuoso playing, and charismatic singing.

Zgeka and the band have appeared in several independent movies, most notable in 2005’s Everything is Illuminated where Zgeka co-starred with Elijah Wood.

“I was, basically, converted punk-rocker right after
[Zvuki Mu concert in Kiev]! “
Piece 2: Punk Years

  Gogol Bordello Start Wearing Purple (@Coachella 2008)
                  Coming soon: Piece 3: Brazilian Trance

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